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OSV News Showcase | June 9, 2023

As an introvert, I dislike crowds.

Still, at this busy Catholic Media Conference it’s been energizing to meet so many Catholic communicators — to not only put faces to names, but also encounter who they are, their passions and what motivates them in the work they do. Hearing others exchange experiences and ideas is humbling, and it challenges me (and I bet several other folks) to seek to improve and bring others to Christ through our work.

Even with all this learning and growing at the conference, I saw OSV News put out a variety of news and other content this week — including a review of the new Transformers movie, Pew Research studies showing people prefer attending Mass in-person following the end of the COVID-19 health emergency, the hidden beauty of Mass held in the gym during renovation, Diocese of Sacramento helping migrants flown to California, humanitarian efforts in Ukraine being disrupted by rockets, and more.

Below is a sampling of this week’s content found on our client publications’ websites. Enjoy!

Megan Marley

Digital Editor

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With parts of Corpus Christi processions restricted and priests arrested, conditions harden for Belarus Catholics

“The whole church has become a toy in the hands of Lukashenka, who has sowed fear by suggesting what’s happening to other members of society may also happen to Catholic priests,” exiled Catholic Artiom Tkaczuk told OSV News.

Experts: Catholic media is essential to informing world about the church and the church about world

“…without the Catholic press, how will Catholics and others understand how an issue or an event in the church, the nation or the world affects their lives?”

Diaries of priest-abusers give chilling look into mind of a pedophile as part of Brazilian journalists’ new abuse investigation

Trigger warning: Convicted for sexually abusing children and teenagers for years, two Brazilian priests described their crimes in their journals, giving substantial accounts of their monstrous acts.

Question: Is incorrupt Sister Wilhelmina possibly a saint?

Does the incorrupt body of the Benedictine nun, Sister Wilhelmina, mean that she is a saint? What does the church think of it?

Papal envoy meets Zelenskyy in Kyiv amid destruction of critical dam that flooded south of country

Pope Francis’ peace envoy to Ukraine, Cardinal Matteo Zuppi, met President Volodymyr Zelenskyy amid breaking news of the destruction of a critical dam and hydroelectric power plant along the front lines in southern Ukraine that Zelenskyy blamed on “Russian terrorists.”

This is the way: The Eucharistic pilgrimage of the Mass

COLUMN: Anytime we can step away from the everyday to seek the intercession of the saints at a holy site, the church and the world benefit.

Ohio ballot measure on constitutional amendment process could impact abortion initiative

Ohio voters will vote in an Aug. 8 special election on whether to raise the threshold for amending their state’s constitution. The outcome could make an impact on a potential ballot measure regarding abortion in November.

Sacramento Diocese, other nonprofits and the city provide outreach to migrants flown to California

The Diocese of Sacramento joined the city of Sacramento and community organizations to welcome 36 migrants who were flown to the California capital June 2 and 6 on flights arranged by Florida officials.

Trip to Uvalde, Texas, leaves Capitol Hill pastor ‘still processing’ how deep community’s trauma remains

“There are memorials for each person” who was killed in the massacre visible throughout the town, Father Carson said. “You see a lot of people hugging and crying. … There are lots of raw feelings 13 months afterward.”

Colorado musicians write songs they hope will bring people closer to sacraments, Jesus in Eucharist

Brian Tucker and Cody Stowe are familiar faces to anyone who has attended young adult ministry activities in the Diocese of Colorado Springs in recent years.

BONUS: How to bring the 40 Hours devotion to your parish

Imagine that Jesus Christ knocked on your door and asked to stay with you for the better part of two days. How would you welcome him?

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