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OSV News Showcase | May 19, 2023

“What gets you out of bed in the morning?”

I’ve asked this question several times writing person profiles for different publications, and the answers vary from the serious to the sarcastic. For me, I’d say it’s always been the joy of creation. 

Working for OSV News, every day I have the privilege of helping bring thorough, balanced news stories into the world to help form and inform my fellow Catholics. It sounds cheesy (and I’m pretty lactose intolerant, both literally and metaphorically), but five months in, I’m still waking up with a smile to face the day’s good and bad news ’cause I love it so much.

This week, we’ve cranked out around 20 stories, columns, reviews and faith formation pieces per day — which is pretty normal for our team of 12. Content we’ve had this week includes reactions to the meeting between Pope Francis and Ukranian President Zelenskyy, obits for notable Catholics, Republican criticism of unfair implementation of the FACE Act, tips for keeping kids safe from abuse, the case of Groff v. DeJoy shining a spotlight on how we observe Sunday, a review of the live-action Little Mermaid film, and more.

Below is a sampling of 10 pieces from this week found on our client publications’ websites. Enjoy!

Megan Marley

Digital Editor

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Marian Fathers elect popular priests Father Chris Alar, Father Don Calloway as U.S. leaders

Two priests renowned for their efforts to promote devotion to the Divine Mercy have been appointed leaders of their congregation’s provincialate.

Federal jury convicts Ohio priest of five sex-trafficking charges related to his abuse of three victims

A federal jury on May 12 convicted a Toledo diocesan priest of five charges of sex trafficking in his abuse of three male victims that began when he was a seminarian and they were minors at St. Catherine of Siena Parish School in Toledo and which continued into the victims’ adulthood.

Deadly Cyclone Mocha hit Myanmar areas where persecuted Rohingya Muslim minority lives

The Catholic Church has dispatched aid materials to the hardest-hit regions of Myanmar after deadly Cyclone Mocha battered the southeast Asian country May 14.

How to more effectively communicate truth with love

How might we challenge ourselves to speak the truth in love, at home, at work and online?

New report says Germany’s Catholic Church faces major decline in membership, revenue

Germany’s Catholic Church will be forced to give up a third of its properties in the face of dwindling membership and revenue, according to a new report, with many buildings facing demolition unless converted to other uses.

Black Cuban recounts his flight as a child refugee from Castro’s regime in ‘Operation Pedro Pan’

Ricardo E. Gonzalez Zayas was one of over 14,000 Cuban children who were part of “Operation Pedro Pan” — a secret, mass exodus to the U.S. via air between 1960-1962 from the newly created communist nation located just 90 miles from the Florida coast.

‘Hope Is Fuel’ conference fans flames of controversy over antisemitic, sedevacantist Catholic headliners

An online conference billed “Hope Is Fuel: Catholic on Purpose” is sparking flames of controversy, after a number of speakers withdrew over other panelists’ views on antisemitism, Jewish-Catholic relations and the validity of Pope Francis’ papacy.

Pope plays key role in Argentina’s bishops asking for forgiveness

Argentina’s bishops’ conference in 2023 began publishing a sweeping report on its role during the military government between 1976 and 1983. The three-volume report, “The Truth Will Set You Free,” marks the first time a national church has publicly reviewed its actions during an authoritarian regime and made the findings public.

Florida Catholic wife, mom, doctor involved in sainthood causes says Eucharist is central to all she does

Dr. Mary Soha is a Catholic wife, mother, pediatrician, chair of the canonical coronation of Our Lady of La Leche at the national shrine to her and vice postulator for the sainthood cause of the Martyrs of Florida.

‘Remembering’ in Eucharist: We celebrate, we believe

“The Eucharist is an exercise in remembering — after all, we speak of the Eucharist itself as a memorial. Central to our very gathering is remembering God’s saving action.”

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