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Sisters light up social media with #SuperBowlintheConvent



Confession: I completely forgot about the Super Bowl this year.

I certainly wouldn’t call myself a football buff — baseball is my true sports love — but I usually at least keep track of when the Big Game is on so as to prepare my snack foods accordingly. It’s also important for next-day water-cooler conversation — naturally regarding the commercials and halftime show, not the actual game.

But with one thing and another this year, Super Bowl LIII fell entirely off my radar. By the time I remembered and flipped it on, it was getting toward the end of the fourth quarter. Though it was clear I hadn’t missed much in terms of the actual game, commercials were another thing, so I took to Twitter to catch up on what was trending.

Scrolling through my feed, however, I found something much better than pithy commentary on car and beer commercials. It was the hashtag #SuperBowlintheConvent, and the associated tweets were just that: 280 characters filled with the comments, quips and general observations of Catholic sisters watching the iconic event in community. Here are just a few of the tweets that illustrate how the intersection of faith and culture can result in social media gold!

Sister Lisa Marie Doty
Sister 1: Oh look, they’re praying!
Sister 2: That’s called a huddle, to call the next play.
Sister 3: Is Jesus invited to the huddle?

Sister Khristina, FSP
LOVE lights in background in sync with today’s second reading at Mass. Just saying…
#1Corinthians13 #HalftimeShow #SuperBowl #SuperBowlintheConvent

Sister Theresa Aletheia
One of our sisters always roots for the underdog and *switches* her allegiance during the game according to who is losing. Pray she makes it through the night.

Sister Bethany, FSP
Our community is in agreement that @TMobile has consistently had great commercials this entire super bowl!’

Sister Margaret Michael
During evening prayer, we prayed for all those viewing the #SuperBowl! #MediaNuns

Sister Susan Francois, CSJP
Good night to everyone who enjoyed #SuperBowlintheConvent. Hope you discovered …
1. Sisters are people too
2. Community life fosters a good sense of humor.
3. We all need some joy! And it’s easy to spread when you want to.

Gretchen R. Crowe is editor-in-chief of Our Sunday Visitor. Follow her on Twitter @GretchenOSV.

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